• Basic plan
    36%Hourly For 4 Hours
    • from 10$ to 100$
    • Principal Included
  • Advanced plan
    58%Hourly For 4 Hours
    • from 25$ to 2500$
    • Principal Included
  • Premium plan
    74%Hourly For 4 Hours
    • from 50$ to 5000$
    • Principal Included
  • Gold plan
    112%Hourly For 4 Hours
    • from 100$ to 10000$
    • Principal Back
About us

Invested money are controlled by a team of high-skilled specialists. HourlyNerd specialise on investing funds one of well-known novelty of the year.Oculus Rift - constantly progressing glasses of virtual reality, aspiring to be best on attraction market. Despite the fact, that final glasse's version still in development and a lot of 3D games are nor supported yet, first-person shooters (like Half-Life, Doom and Team Fortress) have realised a conception of virtual reality within Oculus Rift and their fans can already plunge into imaginary world of games. Thus, such a diversified approach guarantees to get a decent income without any possible risks.
Our attractions have been located in 3 centres already. CIS - countries: Kharkov, Moskov and Minsk already have a possibility to have a try. Thanks to you we will be able to build another center in your city.
HourlyNerd - the official company that invests investors funds in real and, most importantly, profitable, win-win business that will make a profit as you and us, and allows you to insure against any possible trouble

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Project Advantages:
  • For your convenience, the project connected with necessary payment system that you probably already use;
  • You receive the answer to any question on the project work in the 24 live support;
  • Loyalty program for active participants;
  • Income from deposits up to 112% - the profit available for withdrawal out of the project is added every hours;
  • You can easily withdraw the funds earned;
  • The project is staffed with all the necessary security protocols and encryption of user data and transactions;
  • Becoming a "VIP-investor", you get the opportunity to increase your profit at times;
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    It is really great. Paid Me Fast. Very Good Thanks Admin
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    They continue paying well and as promised. Great program. thank you admin.